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Cosmetic dentistry

Our dentists are trained in all aspects of cosmetic dentistry and we are lucky to have a wide range of expertise available. Cosmetic procedures can be damaging to teeth and our dentists will only offer up to date minimally invasive procedures where appropriate. The emphasis must be on long term stability and results not on quick fixes that are likely to fail in the long term. Our dentists will only recommend treatments to you which they feel are appropriate and are in your best interests. Because cosmetic procedures are optional procedures and are not clinically necessary they are not available on the NHS. Our prices are very competitive and interest free credit is available on more expensive treatments.

Adult Orthodontics (Braces)

If you have crooked or prominent teeth and either didn’t have orthodontics as a child or had treatment that has now relapsed the best way to improve your smile is with orthodontic treatment. We are lucky to have a specialist orthodontist at the practice who is on the GDC specialist register. Orthodontic treatment combined with tooth whitening and or a small amount of restorative treatment, if required, will often give excellent results whilst doing minimal damage to the teeth. At the end of treatment you have your own teeth just better aligned and straight.

A course of adult orthodontics with upper and lower fixed braces takes 18 - 24 months to complete and costs from £2300.


Porcelain veneers are very popular and are often used for teeth which are discoloured and slightly misaligned. The teeth are usually prepared slightly, impressions are taken and the technician fabricates individual porcelain facings for each tooth (a bit like false finger nails), which are then glued in place. They may be appropriate and are popular in makeover programs as a quick fix, however they are invasive and therefore damage the underlying teeth, more recently they have tended to be replaced by tooth whitening and “bonding”. A veneer costs from £250.

Tooth Whitening

Our dentists at Torrington dental practice have up to 20 years experience in tooth whitening and we use only the most up to date methods available. Our professional knowledge of the different techniques available allows us to choose the most appropriate treatment for individual patients.
As with many cosmetic procedures there is a lot of misleading information in the media about dental whitening.

The technique we usually recommend – Night Time Vital Whitening, has been in use for over 30 years and is the only technique validated by the American Dental Association, as being effective, safe, and long lasting. It is a relatively simple technique in which close fitting custom-made dental-whitening trays are constructed for the patient and a mild peroxide gel is used in them, usually overnight, to whiten the teeth. The full effect usually takes 2-4 weeks; other faster techniques are available but the effects are usually not as long lasting and are more likely to cause side effects.

The simplicity of this technique allows us to keep our prices low: from only £250 for both upper and lower arches and £200 for just the upper. The effects (if not topped up) will last between 18 – 36 months before the teeth return to their original condition. The cost of a top up is limited to the cost of extra whitening gel about £20 and is likely to need doing only once a year to maintain a bright smile.


This refers to adding/bonding tooth coloured restorative material to the teeth to alter their shape and/or colour. This technology has revolutionised restorative and cosmetic dentistry and allows us to offer much less invasive treatment. If the colour of the teeth is a problem then often it is best to whiten them first before reshaping; as with porcelain veneers this technique can be used with slightly crooked teeth to give a much straighter appearance, and is currently the treatment of choice in most wear cases. Bonding costs from around £76 per tooth but depends on the extent of the reshaping, the number of teeth involved and the exact techniques used.

In all cases, following a detailed examination the most appropriate treatment will be discussed with you, the pros and cons of the treatment alternatives, and likely costs involved.

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